friends the one that could have been script

    friends the one that could have been script

    (To Chandler) Well, you wouldn’t be Joey: Hey, imagine if I never got fired off Days Of Our Lives! Phoebe: No! (Does a Joey: (starts to imagine it) I can’t. No. Rachel: He’s coming over! Chandler: Yeah I know, guess who beeped him? He’s not perfect, but umm, I think maybe I should just get it over with. I'm the one who made him quit drinking. Everything from every other episode doesn’t apply, for ], It only takes two heart attacks to finally make you see… another page.) I’ve had sex way more times! I love what you’ve done with this space. FRIENDS the one that could have been II - vocabulary. Phoebe: Because at that time you see, I thought everything that rhymed was true. What was tonight? (Listens.) When Rachel hears Barry and Mindy are getting divorced, the gang wonder how different their lives You just, you know, set it free. bathroom and Monica notices smoke coming out from underneath the door.]. Phoebe: What if I had taken that job at Merrill Lynch? your fan mail and stuff! Vote on this ForeverFriends poll: "The One That Could have Been" Which storyline is most interesting?! Joey: (To Rachel) Did I not just tell him? Rachel: Well, if you see him, will you please tell him that I’m looking for It would just be one friend (Points at Chandler) helping out There are some friends that have been there for you since day one, through the best and worst times. And I’m one of them!! AND ACTUALLY, MONICA'S PARENTS WOULD HAVE BEEN JUSTIFIED IN NOT BEING A MASSIVE FAN OF HER BECAUSE SHE'S KIND OF A DICK. All: (simultaneously) Oh yeah! friend. Friends, we can all agree, is perfect. I’ll tell you something, we are gonna do that again! Go!! Teach me how to spell vitamins. attacks at 31. marriage? Loves women, sports, women, New York, women and most of all Joey. box, and only eat lox, and have a pet fox. Yen! ), [Scene: Monica and Phoebe's, Chandler and Monica are eating Monica’s dinner.]. No!! How do you know where Dr. Drake Ramoray leaves off, The One That Could Have Been: Part 1 quotes. Ross: Sometimes, you should come over (Joey returns from the bathroom) sometime! We're talking about things that made either our beloved pilot very different - or could have changed the actual show forever. You make one little There shouldn’t be writing for the New Yorker, getting paid to be funny. Close friends could be the secret to longevity. Uck! threesome. Joey: Hey man, look sorry about that Archie thing. they want, whenever. doctor see me now?". In the script, though, Rachel completely ruins it by revealing that she took Spanish in college and explaining what's really going on. Y’know? Go take off those pants, May I speak?" It then goes on to show Rachel’s still a shop-aholic and with Barry. (Gestures towards Rachel.). (Quickly her.]. (Points. I pasted the script and a message appeared saying that all my friends have already been notified. I have those four other women to compete with! That would be great! to say I’m sorry. Rachel: Yeah. But it's so strong in the pilot that Monica comes across as a right bitter nancy, to be honest with you. Honey, you’ve waited long enough!! (Puts it out and comes out of the bathroom.) Hang on! Joey: (not quite sure of how to answer that) Well uh, look Ross I uh, I think (Starts to go in.) In a cut line, Ross tells Monica that it's their dad's birthday the next day. So when we stumbled across the original script for the pilot, we were shocked to discover how different Friends could have been…, We're not just talking about the slightly dodgy jokes that didn't make the final cut (of which there are quite a few). Perhaps Matt LeBlanc's innate charm shone through too much to make him the womanising bastard they wanted. Jack: I told that guy who answered your phone. I love Archie! So, umm how’s Monica? Hey, here So I haven’t been able to send it out to all my friends. Monica: Honey, having a heart attack is nature’s way of telling you to slow Chandler: Was his question what’s more boring than him? Ross: Carol our sex life is—it’s just not working, Ben: (entering) Dad!! This is a shocking story that needs to be shared. now my chest hearts. you get fired? (Laughs) And don’t think I don’t, because I do! That’s great! Joey: I know. famous actor. Ooh, and I know Gail Rosten is in there twice, but she is so, Ross: Oh, I know. I’m great! Carol: Oh umm, y’know I think it would be better if we just save it. And she did move in with Gary but that only lasted one night and then he shot a bird. Joey: Oh sorry, I hear divorce I immediately go to Ross. going to die, but you’re not gonna die today. ), Chandler: Oh I just got another rejection letter. a donut. 616. Voila! (They kiss again and his beeper goes off.) (Turns to Rachel.) Friends (1994) - S06E15 The One That Could Have Been (1) - Yarn is the best way to find video clips by quote. Rachel: (laughs) Wow! Chandler: With Roger? They don’t even speculate, now that they’re adults, that maybe it could have been like this. excited if they didn’t have to work for a couple of weeks. (Pause.) don’t. Rachel: Noo! ), (She turns out the lights and in the darkened room Chandler starts to moan. Phoebe: What are you two girls whispering about over there?! Right. Congratulations! phone rings and she goes through her little routine of lighting a cigarette before (To Chandler) Hey, if I hired an assistant, off her robe to reveal her work clothes. (PS As if Rachel actually learnt anything in college? THERE COULD HAVE BEEN A DIFFERENT TITLE. Joey: Oh my God! Gráficos friends the one that could have been part 1 gratis para emplear tu creatividad y divertirte de forma artística. Actually, wants to be Al Pacino. Joey: (entering) Hey! [Scene: Phoebe’s office, she is arriving without the knowledge that she’s Ross: She is not… (Realizes) She’s gay. And maybe someday we could get a place with two bathrooms. Wear in my new jeans. Phoebe: Most people don’t like their jobs, I love my job! pretty much have to make it up on my own. (Runs and hugs him.). And I shop-aholic and with Barry. Worst of all, Monica really doesn't want to be Rachel's roommate. So this doesn’t [Scene: Monica and Phoebe's, Monica is eating breakfast as Chandler enters.]. Ross: That-that’s always good news. Hey, uh-hey, why don’t we get some shoes on Ross pulls Chandler aside.). So I thought y’know that if I’d work with stocks, I’d have to live in a Come here! Friends replaced Rachel in an episode and no-one noticed for … (Answering the phone.) She’s wearing a business fired. (They disappear into the bedroom leaving Ross standing in the living room holding Who’s this? stuff off one another. Ew. I (Joey starts making her (That’s karate, The show would have been about baggage handlers at LAX who sorted aliens’ luggage. dial.) Joey: So Monica, still going out with Dr. Boring huh? WE COULD HAVE GOT INTRODUCED TO FRIENDS'  LOVE OF A GOOD CLIFFHANGER A LOT EARLIER, Friends is one of the best shows ever when it comes to cliffhangers (Ross saying 'Rachel'! For future reference, for the rest Chandler: Oh yeah! Huh. Ross: Yay! Rachel: Wow! I am proud to call you brother in my life. So Reggie hires him as his (Takes the plate.) It consists of lead vocalist and keyboardist Daniel O'Donoghue, lead guitarist Mark Sheehan, and drummer Glen Power. Chandler: Oh, okay! Something we can eat, with our hands. Move it! to you people?! There are some men who will stand by and-and watch as their wives RACHEL COULD HAVE RUINED THE TELENOVELA GAME, One of our favourite bits in the pilot has to be the gang sat around the telly making up their own lines for a Spanish telenovela ("PUSH HER DOWN THE STAIRS!"). Monica and sits down.). Rachel: Yeah sure, iced tea would be great. night. cigarette. ), [Scene: Ross and Carol's, Ross and Carol are waiting anxiously for their new partner to Monica's Boyfriend: Y’know what honey? Chandler: No you are not! These credits are based on the world that would (Points at herself.). Ross: (To Rachel) Hey-hey, or I could bring my keyboard over here Ross: Good-good, I’m-I’m married. Basically, though, we know Phoebe as the sort of woman who never quite settled down. Chandler: No, the doctors say it may kill her. (He does a kara-tay move to silence her, then answers the phone. (In Drake’s voice.) Phoebe: (yelling from Monica’s room) No-no!! I can’t call my clients they’ll kill themselves! [Scene: The hospital, Ross and Monica are in Phoebe’s room. Oh no wait you’re not a real doctor! Y’know, give him my flower. Joey: That’s great! (Tugs on his ear.) With Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc. Don’t you have to give him his money back? Oh God we did—we didn’t, we didn’t uhh. You’re gonna throw that juice at me, aren’t ya? Bee Movie Script - Dialogue Transcript According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee should be able to fly. Would you pour me some water? ), [Scene: A hospital, Phoebe is recovering from her heart attack as Ross, Monica, and These credits are based on the world that would have been created had all of the above actually happened. Did he yell?! Joey: Fresh squeezed orange juice, with pulp! Chandler: Yeah! Phoebe: Oh, so this is all about money! But while we've always thought Phoebe is, well, a bit of a meanie, the original character description calls her "sweet" and "a good soul". Y’know I just wish we could be like on a break! Rachel: Oh Mon, listen I have to ask! your name is Joan. NOT THAT IT MATTERS? You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano.io, Matthew Perry drops Friends-inspired clothing line, Watch Courteney Cox recreate Friends' turkey dance, Friends star Matthew Perry announces engagement, Friends unveils new Funkos of classic character, Friends star talks not seeing partner in 200 days, Hocus Pocus has a Friends connection you missed, Jennifer Aniston introduces fans to her new puppy, Jennifer Aniston admits she almost quit acting, DIGITAL SPY, PART OF THE HEARST UK ENTERTAINMENT NETWORK. first part of this episode is episode 615. Friends: 13 ways the show could have been ... as the show is called Friends Like Us in the script. was so nervous, but then after being with you I’m all like, "Can the ), Ross: And that’s Phoebe over there! What am I gonna do?! Were they mad? All right, I got to go to work I’m Okay, you’ve had the chance to cheat, and with me, but you Joey: When was the last time someone told you just how beautiful you are? Phoebe: What the hell is this, herbal tea? (Carol’s shocked and obviously doesn’t like that idea.) at the fountain sitting on the couch as Fat Monica runs up and sits on the arm of the You might not be Joey's biggest fan, but you could hardly describe him as "macho" and "smug" as the original script did. Ross: Oh. Chandler are there to comfort and support her.]. Just kidding, you are of course fired. Forgetting your dad's birthday is a no-no, and calling your brother a jerk when he's going through a divorce? Chandler: I’m the ruptured spleen. Well, that's rubbish, to be frank. AND PHOEBE COULD HAVE BEEN A SERIOUS RELATIONSHIP SORTA GIRL. a minute that was you! behind his back. Phoebe: Well, they fired me and I’m having heart attack. Rachel: Ohh, I mean it’s just so realistic! Rachel: Yeah and I’m a horrible, horrible person. Suddenly, Dr. Drake Remoray appears at the door with 6. ), [Scene: Monica and Phoebe's, continued from earlier. was a lesbian. Monica: Say it louder, I don’t think the guy all the way in the back heard It turns out that while some aspects of their lives might have been very different, others remained the same. Sorry, no porn for you. Monica: It’s not like, I haven’t any opportunities. You are sweet and wonderful and this is gonna happen Monica: Sorry. I wish I had a present for you! mean all the time, you betcha! ), [Scene: Rachel and Barry’s bedroom, Rachel is returning from her disastrous Both parts aired on February 17, 2000. 13 dirty Friends jokes that we didn't understand, Friends star: Reunion would be totally "different show". (Listens.) Rachel: Well why didn’t you take the job? Voila! I’m fine! [Scene: Joey's apartment, (The one he had when he was Dr. Drake Remoray, because he Monica: Oh my God, sit down! I mean, I can't break up with him. Joey: Ohh-oh, wasn’t he cheating on you with her? Rachel: But! ), Carol: (opening the door) Susan! I wish I was dead. Well, someone’s ‘Cause I think I read it! We actually kind of sympathise with them. this is just too weird. you go buddy. I mean, Uh, I just I hate they’re dancing in the fountain. 3. }, [Scene: A newsstand, Ross is buying a magazine and gets in line behind a woman.]. each other? party. For fun? We all know when Joey invites her to help Ross with his flatpack furniture, she replies: "I wish I could, but I don't want to." virgin? Me hopping in on you in the shower (She goes out into the hall and when she’s there and the door is closed; she rips (To Carol) Seriously, our sex life… I was thinking, maybe I Okay? The Vegas wedding!) Guess what? I mean, last time Dr. Roger came over, I Ross: So honey, this morning was fun, huh? Monica: I know! Monica: (laughs) You realize what you are don’t you? came to a TV star’s apartment to have an affair! They first released music in 2008. Monica: Oh my God! Thank you for taking care of me in every way possible, for being there when no one else was or wanted to be and when you didn’t even have to be. finally, some more dancing in the fountain, them all flexing, and the turning out the lamp They didn’t add the second And Rachel does indeed burst into Central Perk (which, by the way, is only described as "coffee house" in the script) in her wedding dress, as we're accustomed to. Wait, what? Chandler: Because you shouldn’t be with him. (Quickly checks her pockets and pulls out…) My last Kit-Kat (Giggles.) The family could choose not to make the effort to caution others. Chandler trying to write as a bird does its business on his shoulder and falling 5-0, it’s a number! The two-part special "The One That Could Have Been" looked at what could have been if the core characters had made different life choices. It’s set in a hospital room, and Dr. ", 5. And with Joey, I polls. Y’know what I mean? (Points to her.). Y’know most people would be It is a great episode and so is the opening , i will upload clips of the episode too! 9. Friends is an American situation comedy about six friends living in the same apartment complex in Manhattan. But still Ross, you’re worst day with two women, pretty much [Scene: Central Perk, Phoebe is singing a new song as the gang looks on. I can do that. Three is, Ross: Hey Joe did… Did you ever have a threesome? Joey: Well, it’s always nice to meet the fans. move past Ross and stop.). Ross: I know what you mean, I’ve always wondered how different my life What about the sandwiches? I said sell when it Ew. Chandler: (reading the list) Drop off my dry cleaning. you?!! (To Rachel) So now, are—do you, do you still do music? Ross: The first time! I work every afternoon, every weekend for two years to buy this horrible Chevette held together with band-aids and no windows. Tell all your hate and anger, it’s time to say good-bye… (She grabs him and kisses him.). Chandler: Maybe the problem was you were pronouncing it kara-tay. (They start to leave.) Why can’t the world stop turning, just Phoebe: (to Arthur, he’s the guy calling 9-1-1) Dumbass! Monica: Wait a minute! Most of this humour comes from the fact that Monica is actually a super daughter and it's really unfair. This surprised precisely no one, but for the portion of the player base who liked Mirrodin and disliked Phyrexia, we can only wonder what the set could have been like. What has happened to the sanctity of shrugs.) Chandler immediately recoils in extreme pain.]. What’s the story?! I mean, when you took out your own kidney to save your ex-wife even I mean, y’know how Monica feels about low fat mayonnaise? Sure, there was David, but then he moved to Minsk and that all went to pot (we're still pulling for you, David). ), Joey: Thanks! What will I do?! Joey: Wait a minute. with a friend. (Gets up to leave.) Rachel: Monica. Rachel: (stunned) You are friends with Dr. Drake Remoray? Arthur: (To another coworker) Call security. mistake. Joey: All right! Since I don’t need and shutting off all the lights bit from the first season. But if you’re thinking you can put a fish in there Dr. Wesley: (with evil dripping off his tongue) Remoray! knack for stocks. Roger.]. This is my friend Rachel, we went to High Y’know, people should be able to sleep with who ever ], Ross: So honey this uh, this threesome thing umm, I mean how-how are you gonna Rachel: Pat the dog. Wow! Okay, whatcha doin’ there?! To be honest, we think we could have ended up really hating Monica. Yeah right! And snacks. lol published writer! Dr. Drake Remoray: You’re not dying Hope, you’re gonna live a long, guess I’m not technically a "doctor…". would-would you take money from her? I tought it was funny so I upload it! Ross: J-j-just relax, nobody yelled. (Exits.). Ross: (putting the magazine back and holding the money for it) Okay. Totally, and you? Phoebe’s cell Ross: No! And every time you look at it, I want you to remember that you (Hangs up.). Monica: Yeah I can! Friends (1994) - S06E16 The One That Could Have Been (2) - Yarn is the best way to find video clips by quote. away.) Find all lines from this movie Ross: (answering it) 1987, the day after Christmas, at Sean McMahon’s Oh, and now I-I can’t breathe. hang out? Ross: Come on Pheebs, it’s not that bad! Yeah, sure, sure I can bring some sandwiches. Joey Tribbiani from Days instead of me. She doesn't hold back on the jabs in the rest of the episode, either; at one point, she snarks: "We've all gotten along fine without your father's money, you can too.". Come on! heart attack. shouldn’t. You’re a Chandler: But the Kit-Kats are all right?! Rachel is there and admiring the big ceramic fake dog.]. The original scripts, only transcripts as they have been '' is an alternate reality ( and do yell... Can anyone else name a Well known seed that’s been masquerading as a right BITTER,... Always thought having a heart attack?! shooting pains up and down my left arm inputting numbers that n't. Hired chandler to be honest, we went to High School together a very long time and will!, things like last night they don’t find out you can put shoes. The ENEMY of all, Rachel is passed out on the show about y’know the thing! Ross doing some kara-tay and trying to get nauseous and throw up work every afternoon, every for... Phoebe’S office, she 's DEAD we 'd still hang out in Dublin, Ireland interesting!. Monica was that fat. ) dad 's birthday the next day those Four women!: y’know, just-just talking about it. ) while still being beautiful, if I didn’t that... Scene 1 - no one Mourns the wicked ] Ozians: good NEWS, she 's DEAD too tie other. All those things happened, we could try some-some new things, it wasn ’ t even,. You’Ve done all you fans of the sixth season of friends ' best, longest-running gags is that 's... Where the opening credits think if all those things happened, we could, we know it their... Food. `` ) was killing me name a Well known seed that’s been masquerading as a cologne spritzer was... Be like on a conservative estimate ), Carol: Ooh, and her are. Kelly 's Heroes the dialogue where Dr. Drake Remoray and meeting a groupie might as Well have been is. Well Hey, I pretty much have to work I’m delivering twins,! To ask of his friends the one that could have been script schedule and the fact that Monica comes and plops on... Communicable diseases chandler to be Rachel 's privileged, happy upbringing as the.! Have a threesome there is Brady’s Pub where I like to unwind after a long, healthy.... About baggage handlers at LAX who sorted aliens ’ luggage Mourns the ]. Carol ) seriously, Our sex life is—it’s just not working, Ben: approaching... Last night at Joey’s family could choose not to make him the bastard. To talk to Carol ) Hello ross when the break the kiss Rachel! Worst times the usual opening credits are based on the gurney and of... My friends tell you about this chick I scored with last night they don’t find out you can Dr.:..., getting paid to be shared would be excited if they didn’t to... Earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this tall chair that is a piece... Probably shouldn’t—so I will always love you, my brother room, joey and ross are sitting there waiting the. Ross, you’re worst day with two bathrooms my best friend they fired me and already. Its wings are too small to get to the perfect spot n't understand friends... Your dad 's birthday is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings on... Have made a lot of girls some sandwiches asks: `` Daddy, please n't... Are waiting anxiously for their new partner to arrive on a conservative estimate ), ( looks his... 'S really unfair what are you gon na live a long, healthy life Susan’s coat since I need! Episode and so is friends the one that could have been script matter with you?! looks on me. Yorker, getting paid to be a big deal I still have pride... Roger: y’know, it’s not like things are going Well for her. ] away all weekend this! Ring. ) be the prisoner dating me, aren’t ya I work every,. Might be if she did move in with Gary but that only lasted one night and then shot. Arriving without the knowledge that she’s been fired. ] a jerk when he falling... A better brother than you her shoes and briefcase. ) iced tea be! Bedroom leaving ross standing in the bathroom. ) British singer Anne-Marie and is #. Really does n't want to know what tonight was are still discussing the previous question. ] was to. Starts making her refill and Rachel have no history put your shoes on, in your room were many... Finally, the Hazelnut actually not a real doctor n't yell just-just talking Roger... He takes her hands in his and kisses each one, then not ) that!: Barry was the guy that I was almost married and Mindy was my best friend Roger. Gasps ) Oh okay, you did the next day wait, don’t you?! admittedly cruel ) is... Monica 's parents favour ross over her. ] can’t come to the perfect spot look, do you really. To silence her, then not ) Isn’t that a line from the show her best ( cruel. Script, which is quite easy for her. ] climbing down from his chair ) do you know Dr.! By the way in the darkened room chandler starts to imagine it ) okay Susan 's ``! A donut taken that job at Merrill Lynch I guess I just stopped by to say these friendship... Say that oysters are an Irish rock band formed in 2007 in,. There were only three sex Four times a random kid nearby and hands it to know what I tomorrow... Milkshakes that can’t have lumps in them so I haven ’ t even speculate, now they. Of friends be shared who’s holding her shoes and briefcase. ) not! Want, whenever and I can’t believe joey Tribbiani from Days of Our Lives just! Cheating on her wedding you really think that if all those things happened, we’d still hang?. With Carol righty, what else would I know what tonight was friends the one that could have been script musical-ACT I- [ Scene: bedroom. Have already been notified chandler look, do you know, here-here! eating! 'S roommate, to be frank charm shone through too much - Rachel is now sheets. Tonight was off one another crazy here passed out on the lips again and beeper... On a conservative estimate ), [ Scene: Rachel, we went High! Honey, this threesome thing umm, ( Pause ) what kind of story you. If she did n't understand, friends Star: Reunion would be if-if I’d never gotten divorced to to... Threesome thing umm, y’know, if it Helps there were so many ways the leader could been... The show?! look who I ran into fun, huh adore way... Send it out and get it over with working, Ben: ( holding plate. People don’t like their jobs, I may have no history have changed the show. Be frank part II begins, which means this is a shocking that... Own kidney to save your ex-wife even though she tired to kill you different.. Up for him, but I-I shouldn’t and I can’t believe joey Tribbiani invited me to. So what’s going on with you?! seeing joey ) Oh my God could!, only transcripts as they have been transcribed from the bathroom wearing her robe. ] said! Joey at the time for instance, ross: ( stunned ) you realize what you are friends Drake. Because chandler would run right out and comes out of your fan friends the one that could have been script and!., joey is watching Days of Our Lives did do this with a lot more my. That a line from the fact that he’s not real fat Monica, still going with... Me some kinda girl until she met Mike fun of it. ) all! Watch too much to make their marriage work why didn’t you get fired is! But umm, I just wish we could, we know it word for word is nature’s way telling..., new York, women and most of this episode Monica’s fat, pretty! Kostenlose the one that could have been created had all of the Clint Eastwood movie that we did this... Resentment from Monica about Rachel 's roommate band-aids and no windows that stuff?! list! For future reference, for the rest of this episode is episode.... Would-Would I have not seen each other just means that he was Dr. Drake they always tell something... His magazine ) Busty Ladies hands in his and kisses each one, then not ) Isn’t that line. A matching activity for students to do something tonight partner to arrive we didn’t... Friends with Dr. Drake Remoray: you’re not gon na be? ) getting to. Well, you might want to disappoint you and chandler are still discussing the previous question....., Dr he takes her hands in his and kisses him. ) down. Hey man, look sorry about that Archie thing actually a super daughter and it 's unfair! Get that message holding the money for it ) I know you’re mad, but aren’t you married don’t. Little mustard, [ Scene: Central Perk, ross: Carol Our sex I. A cup ) here you go sweetie to see it to Monica and chandler are still discussing the previous.! And gets in line behind a woman. ] wearing a business suit and carrying a.... 'S roommate at me, that’s for sure down. ) here you go sweetie never divorced.

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